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    Sep 8, 2012
    Been a reloaded for 20 years and always looking to perfect loads and share info with others. Loaded pistol, revolver, and rifle. I really enjoy rifle the most. I have loaded 30-378, 300 Win mag, 7mm rem mag, 270, 25-06, 243, 250-3000, 22-250, and 223. I recently switched my varnmint gun from 22-250 to 243. Mainly for its flexibility and low recoil. The older I get the more I'm concerned about accuracy over being able to blow a hole through a white tail tank. (sarcasm). :)
    I'm currently searching for an accuracy load for my 243 loaded with 100gr btsp's. Tried RL-17 and H4350. Next try is h4831. If that does not work I'm going to try H1000. Any info is appreciated. 22" barrel. The gun shoots 0.5" groups with 85gr Speer btsp's but bought a bunch of 100 gr hornady btsp's that were on sale. (500). Had great luck with hornadys in my 7mm so I'm pretty sure this is a powder issue. Groups are ok 1.5" but that is not acceptable for a shooter who is capable and a gun that is shooting .5 moa with a 15gr lighter bullet