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    Feb 12, 2008
    I am very new to this whole coyote hunting thing and i decided to go out this after noon at calling in a coyote.

    I set up in a near by public hunting area where there has been almost no traffic. i set up in a little bowl on the end of a nice finger of woods where it was planty open on both sides of me. By this time the sun was already over the hill but there was a good moon out to i was able to see pretty well through the 50mm objective of my rifle. I started calling on my Primos Lil dog just doing some cottentail distress. I had set up no more than 3-4min and i look off to my left and theres a coyote walkin at about 150yrds. i turned my gun on him and got all lined up, Squesed the trigger. and the coyote goes running off. I had missed. I tried a running shot but to no aveil.

    I later took a shot at a bush just to see where my rifle was hitting and low and behold the bullet it 3ft to the right of my POI. so i guess the next step is a nice trip to the range and get back out there after them.

    I was and am still very happy about this incounter for after probably 7-8 trips out after them this is the first time i have actually called in a coyote.

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    Feb 17, 2005
    3 ft off? Man I'd be livid! Any idea why it's off so much? I'd be upset if it was 3" off let alone 3ft.

    Congrats on the encounter, I bet your heart rate increased quite a bit :)