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    Feb 11, 2012
    A while back I asked if anyone was using the Power Pro 2000MR. Well, I finally got around to trying it out in my custom 308. So far I love it. Started at 46.5 gr and worked up to 48gr. Best load was 47.6gr with average speed of 2800 ftps with ES of 9 for 5 shots. Shot a 5 shot group at 100 yards in the low 3's and a 5 shot group at 300 yards that was .954 so im happy with it. I'm using 185gr Berger Hybrid, CCI BR2 primers, Lapua brass. The rifle is a custom, Bat VR short action, Krieger Heavy Varmit taper 28 inches (11 Twist), Jewel trigger, HS Precision bottom metal, and Bell and Carlson Medalist A2 stock. I was looking for a powder that would give me the velocity i wanted and still be accurate and it looks good so far. Not sure how temp sensitive it is yet but it was right at 90 degree and very humid when I shot these groups. Gonna shoot it next weekend at 600 yards in FTR match so we'll see how she does. Hope this helps someone if they are thinking of trying this powder out. Oh, one more thing, I was starting to see pressure at 47.8gr so start lower and work up as we all know rifles are different. From what I can tell it likes to run on the hot side as the hot loads were pretty dang accurate.