*All SPF* FS-5 Brand-New Mike Lucas Bore Guides, each w/insert & spare "O"ring

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    **ALL SPF** For Sale - 5 Brand-New Mike Lucas Bore Guides, each w/ insert and spare rubber "O" rings.

    Save your barrels. Lucas' bore guides are the best. Mike's prices have gone up, like everything else.

    -Only one each available- First "I'll take it" gets it, by time stamped email, PM or post. Also posted elsewhere.

    **SPF** #1- for 6-PPC/ BAT or similar

    **SPF** #2- for 30BR/ BAT or similar

    **SPF** #3- for 22-250/ Rem 40x/ 700/ and Rem Clone actions

    **SPF** #4- for 6mm BRX/ BAT or similar

    **SPF** #5- for 6mm Dasher/ BAT or similar

    see 6mmBR.com Mike Lucas Bore Guides article here:

    6mmBR.com Reviews of Reloading tools, Bipods Harris Pod-loc, Cleaning Supplies, Redding Wilson Dies, K&M Tools, Neck turning Tools, Shooting Accessories and supplies.

    -No Waiting-

    $47 ea. shipped CONUS. Postal MO or PayPal + 4%.

    emails preferred - laveritt@att.net


    see pics.

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