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  1. Mada

    Mada Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2011
    I'm 17, and all my life I've wanted to be a Marine. I dont know what about it is the Corps that fascinates me, either the dress blues, the inspiring recruitment posters, or the hardcore people they churn out.. Or it could be all of the above !

    So, I'm planning on enlisting right out of highschool. And I only have one year of school left..

    What I would like to do in the Corps:

    Being an outdoor loving, long range shooting hobbyist MY GOAL is to ONE DAY graduate a Marine Corps Scout Sniper.gun) (who could've guessed this?)
    Which first, I would have to pick a job in the 03 infantry MOS..

    The reason I'm posting this! - is to hear alllll the insight of those who are serving, veterans, or gurus of the Marine and/or military. Now, I know the best person to ask for insight would be a recruiter, but I also know that they are also "salesmens" about getting a youngster like me all hyped up into signing that contract. So this is why I'm asking insight from all of you LRH members!

    What can/will I expect out of the Corps?
    What was YOUR experience of the Corps?
    Is wanting to be in the Infantry field a wise "goal"?
    - And anything else you would like to include. :)

    Hoping to read all of your posts!:D:D

    - Mada:D:D:D
  2. T3-OleMan

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    Jan 3, 2009
    Good luck on the "Goals".

    Remember the AMMO is free.:cool:gun)

  3. Brimm

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    Dec 1, 2011
    Great to hear, my son is 15 and has the same plan....
    I would advise you to maybe look in to millitary police or a field you can use when you get boy is looking at a helicopter mec.
    I asked him about maybe another branch(daughter is in airforce) and he said "but dad....then I would'nt be a Marine like you are ..."
    Proud of you guys....once a Marine, always a Marine!
    SEMPER FI (Always faithful)
  4. Mada

    Mada Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2011
    Im interested in being a gunsmith after. Or some kind of work in the firearms industry. I've always been considering LEO work.
  5. midwesthunter

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    Feb 28, 2008
    Talk to other branches as well. There is only one marine core. But there may be other jobs out there you might not know about. By jobs I'm refering to any area you go into the military this will be your job. You will get up everyday and do your job. But you will love your job. We marines are the best, but we aren't the best paid if that concerns you. Also consider this, if you go into infantry you will see action. Specialy the way things are going in the east. A guy at works son is going into army airborne, this wasn't a strait forward option when I joined. or might have went down that path. You also should consider it as being a full time career. Set your goals, then nock them down.
  6. Mada

    Mada Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2011
    Yea. I understand there are other jobs but first of all I want to be a Marine. A Marine first, then a job within the Marines. My goal is to become a scout/sniper. This is a job I would truly LOVE. The custom rifle and match ammo will be free. And I will be paid to do what I love !!
    However, I will enjoy any other job the corps gives me if I dont make the cut, but I will try my hardest to make it.
  7. bronco

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    May 24, 2012
    Alright Devil Pup,

    You have started by making an excellent decision by joining the Corps.
    Let me also tell you infantry is a serious decision one shouldn't make in haste. There are many awesome jobs in the Marines that will get you trigger time and not put you in harms way your entire enlistment.

    I served six years as a helicopter mechanic. I started as a CH-46 flightline mechanic and subsequently was recruited to the Presidential Helicopter Squadron and worked on VH-60N and VH-3D helicopters. I traveled the world with Pres. Bush and Pres. Obama. It was incredible and unforgettable. I traveled to all 50 states and 15 countries. As I was getting out I was recruited by Sikorsky Aircraft and now make a fantastic living as a professional helicopter mechanic.

    That being said, I originally wanted to be a MP or Grunt. My father the wise man that he is had me go grab one of my rifles and stand a guard post on the front porch. After a short while, bored out of my mind he came out to talk about job skills I learned for the future. He said "Well, you can listen to orders and shoot things. Kinda narrows down your options. Doesn't it?" Learning a trade while you serve can really set you up for a good career when you get out.

    I lost more than a few friends and colleagues in Iraq and Afghanistan and many of them were grunts. Are you willing to put your loved ones through the loss of your life? You might be ready too give your life, but are they? Sorry to be blunt but this is REAL! Infantry is hard and you will be treated like SH*T your entire enlistment. This is not always the case in other areas of the Corps. I enjoyed going to work everyday. There is something to be said in that. Whatever decision you make be proud that your are part of a lifelong brotherhood you can always be proud of!

    PM me if you have want to talk more.

    The man on the right is my father.

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