AIAX 6mm Creedmore, 308 Setup with Ammo, Bullets and Brass

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    Jul 8, 2009
    I have decided to move to a custom 6mm Creedmore bolt rifle that's dedicated to just that caliber that I can also use for hunting. So I am offering up my AI AX setup with extras.

    - AIAX Rifle with butt spike, 20moa rail, 1 magazine
    - 6mm Creedmore Bartlein 26" Barrel, 1-7.7 twist, #7 contour, fluted, R&D Precision MRAD Brake (not shown, but included), threaded 5/8-24. Barrel was threaded and chambered by GAP. 790 rounds down the pipe and runs 105gr Hybrids very well, never got a chance to play with 115gr bullets.
    - 308 Border Barrel, 20", single baffle AI brake, 500 rounds down the pipe.
    - 60 rounds Copper Creek loaded 105 gr Hybrids.
    - ~80 rounds once fired brass.
    - 300 Berger 115 gr match VLD bullets
    - Custom Teflon sled I made to run on a bench rest bag, works nice for not tearing your front bag up if you are shooting without a bipod.

    I'm also willing to make a deal as shown in the photo, including PR 5-25 scope and Spuhr mount. These are NOT for sale unless the rifle buyer wants them, price to be negotiated separately.

    I had a chance to stretch this out to 1000 yards this weekend while I was shooting a bench rest match, we are allowed to shoot other rifles the night before the match for fun. I shot a 7 round group that measured ~9.25" from outside to outside. So approximately 8.75" center to center. I was using my front rest and the rear butt spike, which was a solid platform but I think I'd have done a bit better with a rear bag. Either way, I was pleased given that this is a Copper Creek off the shelf load and not a custom hand load (kudos to CC for their quality ammo).

    $6000 + shipping without the scope and mount.