advice on 204 bullet weight

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  1. backyardsniper

    backyardsniper Well-Known Member

    Oct 9, 2009
    I am realtively new to the 204 but a fairly experienced hand loader. I have a new savage lrpv with dbm. I always lean toward heavier bullets and have done some preliminary testing with the 40 vmaxs. My question is do you gain much in flatening the trajectory by dropping to the 32 gr. I will be using rem brass and cci br4 with rl 15 or rl 10 any opinions or input would be greatly appreciated

  2. Kiwi Greg

    Kiwi Greg Well-Known Member

    Nov 14, 2008
    I use 40grain Vmaxs in my Kimber Provarmint with N133 & CCI 450.
    It has good speed 38-3900fps & unbelievable accuracy :cool:
    I have a VXIII LR 8.5-25 x 50 on it, I dial it past 250 so a flat trajectory is not at all important to me. :)
    The best I have done with it so far is first shot kill on a Rabbit at 530 yards and many consecutive hits on 12" square steel at 800 yards :cool:

  3. RockZ

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    Mar 10, 2006
    I use the 39 gr blitzkings.
    Awesome accuracy and downrange punch on prairie dogs.
  4. Wizard

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    Dec 10, 2005
    I have had great luck with the 39gr Sierra Blitzkings in both my 204s and a 20 VarTarg. The heavier bullets have a better BC which helps with less wind deflection.
  5. DoubleUP

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    Dec 18, 2010
    Only about an inch difference between factory Hornady 32 and 40 g bullets at 500 yds with the 40 being 28 inches low with a 200 yd zero and the 32 being about 29 low with the same zero.

    Inside 400 yds. the 32 is very slightly flatter but only by tenths. Main difference is that at 500 the 40 is packing 404 ft lbs of energy while the 32 is down to 256 ft lbs.

    32's run out of steam pretty quickly after 300 yds.