Advanced Shooting Courses for the Elk Hunter

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    Dec 28, 2002
    Both of our courses address mountain shooting with clarity. We offer a three day Precision 1 course for those with a desire to move towards a more technical, long range approach; which is perfect for the steep angles and rough mountainous terrain of Elk hunting; and an advanced seven day course of mountain shooting for hunter's that desire "factual" knowledge of the many winds and other climatic conditions that occur in the mountains and how to negotiate them.

    Classes start on 1 June 2012 and run until 18 August. Our Instructors are Hunters who are also B4 Qualified, U.S. Army Snipers. Come and learn from the Best in the Business.

    Come check us out!

    (800) 651-1050
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    Dec 28, 2002
    Cost of Course: $1,500.00 for three days; $2,000.00 for four days. Lodging at the Rock'n R Ranch and meals are an extra cost although fairly reasonable.

    Items to bring to the course;

    Shooting gloves
    Clear Eye Pro
    Knee Pads (not mandatory but you’ll want them)
    3 X Uniform
    4 X Socks
    4 X T-Shirts
    Data Book
    Sand Sock
    Note Book
    Pocket PC or similar w/ Ballistic Targeting Software
    Kestrel 3500, 4000, or 4500 Weather Station
    Laser Range Finder
    Binoculars and or Spotting Scope
    Scope with either a mill radian or minute of angle reticle
    Mechanical Pencils
    Sleep System (If camping)
    Poncho Liner (Not mandatory)
    Field Jacket
    Weapon System with cleaning kit
    Eye and Ear Protection
    150 Rounds of Ammunition