Advanced Barrel Systems (ABS) resurfaces

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    Aug 11, 2009
    Back in May, when I was busy building my site, I attempted to contact Advanced Barrel Systems (ABS), the company that was supplying carbon-fiber wrapped barrels based on Mike Degerness' design (Mike was, as best I know, "running" that company). But their website was erroring out. Since Jense Precision has been using and promoting ABS barrels for a long time, it was not surprising that a search on "Advanced Barrel Systems (ABS)" turned up their website. I contact the owner, KK Jense, and he advised me that he had acquired the assets and patents of ABS and moved the operations to Montana.

    Long story shortened, on Thursday (8/11) KK announced on LRH (Equipment Discussions forum) that the new company is Proof Research. They have posted a one-page website (, which for the moment is basically a marketing piece with no details about services or products. Read the ABS thread (from back in 2008 - including a bunch of good but now dated scoop from Kirby) and KK's post to that thread (#26) here -
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