? Adjustable BC Multi-reticle +6x Scope

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    Aug 28, 2010
    Wondering if anyone here has found a Rifle scope with adjustable BC Multi-reticle with at least 6x magnification?

    If so, what kind of yardage for each reticle (mil-dot point) and what setting for scope's BC adjustment did you come up with?

    I have been using Hawkeye XB30 with zero (center cross hairs) being 30-yards and 1.5-4.0 magnification (also BC) set near 3.0x to get reasonable 15-yard incremental ranges (15 to 90 yards).

    Problem is 3x or even 4x is not enough magnification to insure reliable and consent targeting at 100-yard distances. Good enough to take a deer, but not for tuning, tweaking, and arrow sorting.

    I know a lot of TAC 15 shooters use a fixed reticle (non-adjustable BC) rifle scope of high magnification mounted to HHA Optimizer speed dial. But I am not a fan of dialing in distances prior to taking hunting shot with a wandering target.