Action Diameter change on 6mm project.

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    Jul 16, 2005
    I've decided to change the diameter of my Nesika Action to help support the large barrel. I am going with a Krieger 30" 1.450 straight cylinder barrel on this project, and I was originally going with a Nesika Model L, 1.470 diameter action. However, do to some more reserch and advice from everyone on here, I've gone with the same action, The Nesika Model L, however, it will now be a 1.700 diameter instead of the 1.470. This will help support the barrel much better and make it much stiffer.

    Thanks for the all the help and advice guys on this project. The equipment has all been changed and should arrive buy August 2007. I now most of you already now about the project and have viewed the specs, but here they are again for those who have not seen them;

    1. 6x284 Match Chamber for Lapua Brass and a .272 tight neck.

    2. Nesika Model L, 1.700 Diameter Action, Fluted bolt, oversized bolt knob.

    3. Krieger, 30", 1.8.5 twist, 1.450 straight cylinder barrel, throated for 105 and 107grn bullets.

    4. McMillan Tooley MBR, 5 Pounds lead added, removable front stud for Bi-pod use.

    5. Jewel 2oz trigger.

    6. Vias Muzzle brake.

    7. Davidson 20MOA Scope Base.

    8. Kelby 30mm Rings.

    9. Nightforce 8x32x56mm NXS with MLR reticle.

    10. Weight will be 30 pounds.

    The rifle will be used for LOW volume long range varmint hunting. I am leaning towards using the Lapua 105grn Scenar (.530 BC) and Berger 105grn VLD's (.556 BC).