Accuracy issue with semi-custom Savage 30-06

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    Dec 11, 2012
    Im having issues tracking down a issue with the accuracy Im getting with a build I did off of my Savage 111. I am consistently getting 2 flyers approx. to the left during my load development, but the other 3 shots are all within .5 moa and am having a tough time figuring out what is causing it. The Flyers open the group up to 1.1-1.2 moa. The rifle specs are a shilen stainless match 1-10 twist 26" varmint contour, competition recoil lug and barrel nut, rifle basix trigger, the action was timed by stockade gun works as well as bedding the rifle to one of their stocks. Im currently working with a load of a 200gr accubond with 53 grains of imr4350 Winchester brass and a CCI200 primer seated to .010 off the lands. The barrel and barrel nut are also freefloated and the tang is aswell. Does anyone have any Ideas how I can fix this. Thanks.