Accubond question?

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  1. Casey Napier

    Casey Napier Well-Known Member

    Jul 22, 2006
    Will an Accubond shoot the same as a Ballistic Tip? I have worked up several loads using the BT for several rifles, but after seeing and hearing the great results, I am thinking of trying some Accubonds.

  2. Fiftydriver

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    Jun 12, 2004
    I have only heard one case where the Accubonds did not shot as well as the Ballistic Tip in rifles that favored that bullet. That said, I have heard one instance where they did shoot different but overwhelmingly the results have been very positive with great accuracy results in nearly instance I have personally tried or heard about from customer or on here.

    Kirby Allen(50)

  3. phorwath

    phorwath Well-Known Member

    Apr 4, 2005
    In my 7mm Rem Mag, the 140 gr Accubonds shot about 3/4" lower than the 140 gr BTips at 100 yds. The groups obtained from both bullets were similar. I've read several different forum postings on this issue and those posts were similar to my experience - that the Accubonds shoot close to the same point of impact as the BTips. On game, I've found that the Accubonds spray less lead out into the meat surrounding the wound channel than I used to see with BTips. Another benefit.
  4. Chawlston

    Chawlston Guest

    It may be an optical illusion from taking photos, but on the nosler website, the jacket at the pressure ring seems to be thicker on the accubond than on the ballistic tip.

  5. Fulldraw™

    Fulldraw™ Well-Known Member

    Aug 9, 2006
    Mine is perhaps an isolated experience...But in every rifle I have tried the Nosler Accubonds they print at least the equivalent size OR, AND in most cases smaller groups than the Nosler Ballistic Tips with very good terminal performance on game. I like them a alot! The NAB has become my go to projectile of choice to exit my favorite rifle barrels.
  6. Derek M.

    Derek M. Well-Known Member

    Jul 12, 2004
    In my 300RUM, the 200 AB is my current first choice slug. Excellent results with the past 5 game killed at various ranges.

    In one 270, the 140 AB and Btip do hit differently, with the Btip hitting an inch lower. This may be a function of seating depth, I'm not certain. I had one bad experience with the 140 AB from this rifle. But in this particular instance, I'm inclined to believe that only a Barnes, Failsafe, or similar bullet would have penetrated better. I still use the AB, but I favor the bigger bullets.

    In a large black bear, the 225AB from a 338winmag, did not pass through at 12 yards, but the recovered bullet was mushroomed as advertised. Shot was broadside, bear was 500+ lbs. The bear died where it was hit. I placed a second shot into the spine as it was to me for insurance.
  7. RemingtonUltra

    RemingtonUltra Member

    Dec 18, 2006

    I use the 150g BT and AB in the following;

    Rem 700 VS 308
    Rem 700 LTR 308
    Rem 700 Sendero 300RUM

    I find the AB's shoot a tighter group at 100 and 200 metres though the velocites (chrony) are pretty much the same.