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    Jan 20, 2004
    Stopped by a local dealer the other day with my son who wanted to look at hand guns. I like to snoop as this fella takes in bunches of weird stuff in trades.

    A red painted stock w/some kind of Remington action and heavy barrel caught my eye. The rotating glass case was unlocked so I helped myself.

    The first thing that I noticed was that the action was a Remington Mohawk 600 action rigged single shot with a soft felt type material in the mag slot. The stock was solid underneath.

    It was chamber in 308 with no markings on the barrel.

    There were Canadian stickers on the stock and scope amd a small Canadian flag sticker on the scope. One sticker said 1988???? The scope was an older target turret Leupy with AO on the O end and no side focus

    When I shouldered that rifle there was an immediate sensation of pleasure, comfortableness and an awareness of shouldering something great. The rifle felt awesome.

    The pistol grip was generally like, but much more refined than an A-5. The butt stock and cheek piece was a bit wild looking to my taste. It looked quite like Buffalobob's butt stock on his Ruger #1.

    HOWEVER, when I shoulder'd it the thumb and trigger placement was EXACTLY right. There was no way except by really trying that I could move the POI around by being rough w/the trigger pull. It had what seemed like a 2 oz trigger on it. I was greatly overdoing the trigger pull to test the guns stabiliey. A person would really have to be a bad shooter to not do well with this gun.

    The cheek weld was not only perfect, it was a real cheek weld. This stock was a fine piece of work. There is only one thing, well I guess maybe two things, that have felt better on the ol' cheek than that cheek piece.

    I ask'd Sam how he came by that rifle. He asked me if I ever heard of Don Hall. Of course my answer was no.:rolleyes: It seems that this Don Hall had been at the top of the metalic shilloutte game wining many championships. Hence the stickers indicated.

    Don has retired and has rejected offers to shoot on the US Olympic team. He brought that gun in one day and just gave, yep gave, it to Sam.

    I'm going back there and see if I can talk him out of that stock for a couple of days and see if I can duplicate it from the trigger back. If it can be made to feel as good prone off the bipod as it does off hand it will the sweetest thing in my collection.

    It looks as though my long love affair with the thumbhole may be waining a bit.
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    Oh no, Roy, say it aint so!!!!