A Montana .338 lapua review......

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    Nov 9, 2005
    Well its been about a year in the making and since the year is about over and shooting comes to a close for us here in Eastern Oregon I thought I would write a quick review.

    After much debate we settled on a .338 barreled action from Montana. A 30 inch # 8 contour matt finish barrel along with their magnum action was ordered. Fast forward to the building stages. We were also buidling a 6.5x284 so we let McMillian bed and float the stock(A-5 of course). Many debates on here had me a little skeptical while the gun was being built about Montana's quality or accuracy? When the gun arrived we had a month until elk season. We had very little time to get it all set-up and shooting let alone getting the 6.5 up and shooting at the same time. Fast forward again to shooting stages, my father and I had built a 1000 yard range with 100 yard intervals. We did most of our developing here. We found the best load and accurate at 94 grains of H-1000 behind a 250 SMK bullet. Pushing the bullet at 3000 fps we were gettng very getting great results all the way out to 100 yards. The first time I shot the lapua at 1000 yards it was a crapshoot, I thought I had some good data, but this was all knew to me. Long story short the lapua groups great. Out of the few times at 1000 yards the groups