A little info on the T/C rifles won in the recent raffle

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    Jun 11, 2005
    First of all I'd like to thank Mark Laney from TC for donating the 2 rifles for our recent raffle. Dealing with Mark and TC was a first class trip all the way. Mark went out of his way to help us make this all happen.

    We are going to try and get the 2 winners to do a write up after they have had the guns for a little bit but I thought I put up just a little info about the guns just to rib those of us that didn't quite buy enough chances to be one of the lucky winners.

    Mark had the rifles hand picked and tested because he knew they were going to winners interested in precision long range shooting.

    This is a little tidbit from one of his emails concerning the rifles for the winners.

    Oh, by the way, Mark also stated that both guns shot in the .2s at 100 yards.:)

    In another day or so I'll be getting up a complete list of all prizes donated and the great vendors that donated them.