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    Mar 1, 2010
    I have been visiting this site for over a year trying to gain something from the posts here. There is a wealth of untapped knowledge here. I have been a very stout .30-06/.270 Win advocate. But, the physics and challenges of "stretching out" the distances intrests me greatly. I have looked at several off the shelf rifles. I was seriously thinking of pulling the trigger on a 7mm Rem Mag or .300 Win Mag. to see how they would work.

    My question is this (and it is a common question). Which rifle would have the best chances of shooting under 3/4in at 100yds with a 3 shot group? I am limited to off the shelf firearms. I absolutely hate purchasing a rifle and having it not shoot (my definition is shooting at least 3/4in at 100yds with HUNTING handloads, 3 shot groups). I was looking at a FN winchester (standard sporter) or remington CDL. or BDL.

    I know may posts like this are answered with "butter smooth action", "have one but haven't shot it yet", "its accurate", etc. I come from a hard numbers background and being able to obtain the same results based on proper work-up of methods and technique (just try combining military and medical backgrounds and then anal devotion to what I want). I have an extensive firearms background (olympic gold medalist shooter workshops in indoor .22 to black powder cartridge competition).

    I would judge a new rifle against my battery of a .270 Win Ruger M77 Express (130gr barnes at 3050 fps that groups .6 to .75in every time out) and a Sako pre-garcia Finnbear in .30-06 (180gr Sierra Gameking at 2650fps that groups .75 to .9).

    Any advise would be appreciated.
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    Jan 16, 2008
    as long as you stay out of the truly low-end rifles, you pretty much describe most rifles you can pick up in any gun shop. Savage, Remington etc, they will all pretty much shoot .75moa. Regardless, there is always a few lemons out there (I know, I had one one time)

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    Nov 3, 2008
    I own 2 Savages. The first is the Mod 12 Low Profile Varminter. It shoots very well with match ammo and hand loads. My best group prone was .233" at 100yrds with the factory Accu-trigger, stock, and barrel. I have held 1/2MOA to 300yrds and beyond. I also own their MKII FV 22LR cutting .25" or less 10 shot groups with match target ammo at 50yrds. The rifle is all factory! So my vote goes to any of the Savages. You would benefit from the New Long Range Hunter in any of the calibers you have mentioned. It comes in their new Accu-Stock (proving to be a very accurate system), Accu-trigger, and has a muzzle break that you can turn on and off. I have shot the Accu-stock rifles and they feel much more substantial than the normal synthetic stocks that are used.

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    Sep 20, 2005
    I have owned and shot 6 Remington 700's & a Model 7; a Winchester model 70; Two Browning A-Bolts; a Sako Vixen; a Ruger Mark II; and a couple of Mauser actions. If you poll enough people, you will find that someone has had a great experience and a terrible experience with each major manufacturer.

    In my experience, the A-bolt's and Sako have always shot well right out of the box. I have never owned a Savage, but there is a huge following here that can only suggest that their out-of-the-box accuracy is legend, or fast approaching it. In the end, I have gravitated to the Remington 700, due to availability of after-market products. I have had relatively poor results with the lower end Remington models in terms of accuracy. But I buy them for the donor action, knowing that if they don't shoot well that I can build a semi-custom with the action.

    If I was limited to off-the-shelf rifles, I would choose one of the higher end, heavy barreled Remington 700's (like the discontinued Sendero), or a similar model savage. Either way, you will generally get a rifle with good, repeatable accuracy. But remember...there is always a chance that you will get a lemon. :)
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    Jan 20, 2004
    Ok, here goes, a silly old man chiming in here........

    You have two rifles already doing what you desire accuracy wise, right? So, why risk the $ on an unknown?

    Your shooting a Barnes bullet in the 270 and SGK in the '06. Both have the bc of a brick, more or less.:)

    In the 270 switch to a 140 or 150 Berger and see what she does. Run anticipated MVs through JBM Ballistics Calc. to decide which may be the better choice for velocity AND distance.

    If that doesn't wet your whistle, try Berger's 170 or larger class bullets in the '06

    Then if your whistle still isn't wet head to the store and make a purchase.

    Here's what one fella did with a 22 year old Win 70 Featherweight in '06 and Bergers: http://www.longrangehunting.com/forums/f86/two-nice-first-lrh-elk-63740/
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    Feb 27, 2006
    your sako is shooting big groups you need to sell it to me. sell the ruger too . get a savage in 6mmbr and a remington sendero in 7mmrem mag. you don't say what you are shooting at.
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    Oct 15, 2010
    The Tikka T3 is has a sub 1 moa guarantee, my 300wsm will keep em within 3/4 or 1/2 if I'm up to it. Weatherby Vanguard Sub MOA's are great out-of-the-bow shooters as well. I've got a couple buddies who've got them in 300wsm and 7mm rem mag, and both shoot well within an inch. I'd recommend getting one of these that are "guarenteed" to do it out of the box, that way you can take em back if the they don't. Plus, these two are both pretty easy to tune up and get even tighter groups. (I'd go with the Tikka, the trigger is amazing for a factory trigger) Sako should be right in there as well, you just have to shell out a bit more for em.