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    Jan 23, 2010
    No dogs down here but a few pix from the trailcams. I hunted them casually this warm winter and suspect that they had too much food on their own. No snow cover made for easy pickings of mice and rabbits. I did not call in a single coyote this year. I went out looking a few nights with a thermal imager and saw nothing but small critters crawling in the brush.

    Towards the end of the season, a local trapper tossed his skinned prey under a grocery cart in the woods. We thought that if we made it too easy for the coyotes they would just take the critters and run off. Nothing a grocery cart couldn't solve. So much for that theory. Nothing but coons went near the cart for weeks, then a few yotes came by to have a whiff of some fox urine.

    I finally lifted the cart up to free the rotting carcasses about a week ago. Not much has happened since then.

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    beek a boo hahaha