9.3x62 for Grizzly/Dall Sheep

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  1. Alan Griffith

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    Aug 22, 2005
    Still planning on a trip to Alaska this fall for Grizzley/Dall. Getting ready to put together a back up rifle; CZ550 in 9.3x62. Have ordered a McMillan stock. Lots of advice on bullets;

    250 AB
    286 Part
    250 TSX
    286 TSX

    250's should run about 2500 to 2650 fps
    286's should run about 2350 to 2450 fps

    I've been given the impression, when it comes to the Grizzly, it's not the bones nor hide which will prevent lots of penetration as they are both fairly thin, it's the dang fat which will easily cover over the hole/s and stop the blood trail. "Complete penetration is the ticket" to give a two holes for blood trainling, if it comes to that.

    Any opinions on the amount of penetration needed and which bullet to use for the south end of a north bound bear if I screw the pooch and he's aways out there and still flipping mud clods into the air with all four?
  2. mcmurray

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    Nov 11, 2007
    I do not have any experience with large bears but I do have some good experience with the 9.3. I built a 9.3 X 64 Brenneke a few years ago to hunt with in Montana. It is a great elk round and I feel very comfortable in Grizzly country with it. I am using the 250 grain Swift Aframe with 69G or R15 which pushes it out at 2800fps. It gives great penetration and would go end to end on an elk if needed. I would recommend it without hesitation for large bears.

    My .2 Cents worth!

  3. Varminator 911

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    Dec 7, 2007
    My 2c

    With that caliber and chambering you can hardly go wrong. But if you use the TSX I won't go over 250gr. That will shoot thru a bear end to end. I've read, but have no personal experience, that the 286 TSX is too long unless you have a very fast twist. It may not be stable after it penetrates the animal and is not necessary. Even the 250 Accubond is pretty stout bear medicine. 9.3x62 velocities are ideal for that bullet and I'll bet you'd be amazed at the penetration it would provide.

    Please be adviced I have no first hand experience with this caliber but have read a lot. Have a great hunt!!