870 express combo vs BPS

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  1. matt_3479

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    Jan 31, 2010
    I am in the market for a new shotgun. i have fired everything from 870's to SBE II's. I dont have the money right now for a semi auto so pump it is.

    I need something mainly for skeet, turkey, and waterfowl mainly. this gun will also be taken out every once in a while for whitetail deer. I hunt whitetail every season and normally i just take my oldest break barrel shotgun smooth bore but it shoots slugs pretty good out too about 45 yards which is okay. (its a challenge like bow hunting). I have also borrowed a buddies black powder a few times and probably could continue so its not a necessity to have a rifled barrel it was just a nice option.

    I went to a local shop and they are selling a Remington 870 express combo, 26" vented ribbed, and a 20" fully rifled. Now i know 870's are build like a tank but it just didn't feel like the same quality as the rest of the 870's i have dealt with. I have heard and read about mixed feelings with this gun as for feeding issues, ejecting issues, jamming issues and i dont know ifs its worth 630 bucks to me. For another 100 bucks or so i can pick up a Browning BPS camo.

    when i played with this gun it was a hole different story from the 870 express. it felt like the benelli of pump actions. The action was smooth as butter, the fit and finish was great, the way it handled was nice. I have never actually used a BPS before so dont know what to expect. i spoke with 3 of the employee's there and all three of them owned an 870 and "like" them but 2-3 would suggest a higher grade 870 and all 3 of them suggested the BPS. would the BPS be able to fire slugs through it (have heard some smooth bores cant shoot slugs do to over bore or something)

    For what im trying to do (Waterfowl, Turkey, Skeet) with the odd whitetail (i hunt whitetail every year but not necessarily will be with a shotgun but mainly) would the BPS or express combo be the better buy here?
  2. hollywood88

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    Dec 23, 2010
    i have the 870 express magnum and love it. i have never had any issues with reliability such as jams, loading, or ejecting. my only complaint is just appearance, the factory wood stock is just kinda plain and would rather just have a nice walnut stock.