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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Forester, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Forester

    Forester Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2008
    I am finally moving forward again on a 7WSM build I have been kicking around for ages.

    I want to buy the reamer for my barrel so that when this one is shot out I can chamber the next one to the same specs.

    I planned to order from PTG but what is the difference between a solid pilot reamer and a removable pilot? Is one preferable to the other for any reason?

    I am planning on a Brux barrel and having it chambered, something like a fluted #4 or #5 contour in an effort to keep weight down some.

    Also, and recomendations for specs regarding neck diameter? I will be turning necks anyway but this is a hunting rifle first and foremost.

    Action is a trued and timed long action Savage. Stock will likely be a Stockade.
  2. Coyboy

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    Jan 30, 2005
    Get some brass turn some necks, load a dummy round with the bullet you want to use, so that it is seated where you want it. Send that round to Dave Kiff at ptg and ask him to make a match reamer for that dummy.

    it's that easy.

  3. ZebDeming

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    Sep 29, 2008
    The difference between removable and fixed pilot is just that. The pilot guides the reamer in the bore, the fixed is ground as a part of the reamer and the removable has interchangeable pilots, IMHO definatly better. You can get the proper pilot for your bore, if the pilot is too sloppy in the bore you can run into problems, I've run into chatter using a solid pilot that was a little to sloppy, well likewise if you had a removable pilot that was too sloppy, but at least you can change the pilot and you aren't stuck with what you have.
    +1 on what cowboy said, PTG are great people to deal with and fast service. :)

  4. smack

    smack Well-Known Member

    Dec 25, 2001
    Every reamer I have ever purchased through PTG has been a removable pilot reamer. Every gunsmith that I have spoke to about the subject or had build me a rifle says they prefer a removable pilot reamer.
  5. NesikaChad

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    Jan 28, 2007
    Get the floating pilot reamer for sure.

    But also. . .

    . . .consider getting a set of pilots for that particular caliber as not all bore dimensions are equal.

    David sells em for about $8.00 each and they come in .0002" increments.

    I have complete sets for every caliber from 17 to 40.

    Last note:

    While I completely understand where Cowboy is coming from with regards to the importance of ammunition preparation and the effort to wring out every last little bit of accuracy from a particular set up, I must disagree for one (potential) reason.

    IF (notice the IF) this rifle you are building is a field/working gun then I think its a bad idea to make it require specialized ammunition.

    What if the luggage is lost? Now you can't just buy a box of ammo, you need a whole reloading room.

    What happens to those thin walled necks ability to tolerate the recoil when they are stacked up in a magazine? Now your seating depths potentially change every time you pull the trigger.

    Minimum tolerance chambers are great on the firing line at the range or at a match, but if your out in the world clawing your way up a hillside or out in open terrain with 30mph winds blowing, crap is going to get inside that gun and it will fail right when you need it most. If this were not the case I'd of seen designated marksmen carrying fireformed, neck turned, custom loaded ammunition for bench rest chambered rifles during my three year tenure in Iraq. (never saw that once)

    If the old Marine Corps M-40 in 308 can kill a man with Lake City 175 grain bullets (cranked out by the gajillions) out to 1,000 yards I would hope that a 7mm WSM can successfully harvest game anywhere in North America.

    This is in no way meant as a confrontational dialog. Just difference in opinion.

    Cheers and all the best,


    Chad Dixon
    LongRifles, Inc.
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  6. Forester

    Forester Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2008

    I certaily respect your take on things here and though I will play with this gun off the bench it will primarily be a field rifle, and in all honesty a backpack and carry rifle more than a dedicated long range rig.

    That said, I take it you would recommend something more along the lines of a SAAMI spec reamer w/removable pilot?

    The rifle is being built on a long action so that it will feed from the mag, I plan to turn necks but I dont want to turn this one into a single shot like I have some other rifles in the pursuit of ultimate accuracy.

    Can my finish reamer be used to make a full length size die? Who will make a 7/8-14 die like this?