7mmSTW Trued 700LA McMillan Timney Etc

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    Feb 2, 2008
    Bought this gun off here intending to rebarrel to 7mmLRM. Thought I would give her a spin before spending more $$. Friend sent 20 pieces of vigin brass and I grabbed some 160 accubonds, F215's, H1000, and seated SAAMI spec hoping to duplicate the Fed Premium ammo the seller said it liked. We'll with only 20 rounds between zeroing and trying loads of 76, 78, and 80gr I found it does .8moa at 200 yards with the latter at 3280fps and low es, and never reached any pressure signs. Shot an orig group of 3 at 100yards, then another 2 groups of 3 at 200 yards. I did not try any other powders, primers, or seating depths so I am sure these groups can be improved.

    The catch is my wife and I are about to close on a new cabin lot and found out the well is going to cost $7000 extra. I already have two 7mm's ready for hunting season that shoot well, one is .6moa out to 800 with 168bergers. While this rifle would be great to keep working with I need to clear up some cash.

    So what you see here is:

    • Remington 700 action: Squared, Trued & Lapped
    • Titanium Bedded Action, Free Float Barrel
    • Timney Trigger: Set to 2.5lbs - no creep
    • Tubbs Recoil Lug
    • Remington Detachable Box Magazine
    • Pac Nor 26" barrel 1 in 10 twist A-frame #5 Contour
    • McMillan Stock w/ Pachmayr Decelerator pad
    • All metal parts Cerakoted by Falcon Finishing in flat black
    • Badger Tactical bolt knob
    • Unseen, but can include 30mm Talley LW rings
    • Bi-pod NOT included
    • Original owner said the round count was 100, I have put in exactly 20.
    First $1500 takes it, shipped to your FFL.

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