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    Mar 18, 2012
    I have a Tracker Long range stock that is pillar bedded for a 6" barrel block and a free floated Rem Short action. The action is currently trued w/ a Sako extractor for the .473" cartridges. I can have the bolt face opened up for the mag fairly easy.
    I have a 7mm 1-8.5 twist #11 Kreiger barrel on it's way (Bruno had it in stock) and trying to decide on the cartridge 7mm SAUM or WSM of a version of.
    Question is if I go w/ the WSM which version has the longest neck like the SAUM.
    This rifle is being built as a single shot to compete at 600 yds (don't like the 1000yd format of shooting). I may use it for hunting but would need to be from some type of rest.

    Never mind Brunos called and they do not have it in stock :(
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