7mm Lilja Stainless Steel 34 inch barrel

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    The barrel is a Lilja Stainless Steel 34 inches in length 1:9 twist 4 groove. 4.5 inches in front of breach is straight at 1.25 diameter then tapers to 1.025 at intersection of barrel and muzzle break. The muzzle break is 2.965 long with 30 total holes 5 rows of 6 holes at 60 degrees the holes are about .250 in diameter and ends with a muzzle break diameter at 1.00 inches. The muzzle break bore exit hole is appx .324 and has a tapered inside smaller as it gets to the muzzle break exit point. This break is highly effective and of my own design. It is threaded in standard threads not some special bastard thread that you need to order the die and tap for to cut it. It is chambered in 7mm stw with .075 thou freebore and 3 degree throat angle. I chambered it and I am a machinist and welder of 15 years and work on aircraft. It was indicated in to +/-.0002 bore concentricity and cut with a Clymer reamer. The chamber was then polished to mirror finish.

    The barrel has been shot about 400 to 500 times used H1000 only and 74.5 grains of it not a very hot load. It has been well kept and well cleaned. It has never been hot so that you can’t touch it. I broke the barrel in by cleaning once every round for 10 rounds, every two rounds was cleaned for the next 10, every three rounds for the next 10 and finally every 5 rounds for the next 20.

    It has been bore scoped and is still in great shape.

    This barrel loves Berger Bullets and I have shot 1.7 inch groups with it at 400 yards. Brass prep was chamfer neck, didn’t weigh bullets, weighed powder, didn’t weigh primers and didn’t weigh the brass. I think that better accuracy can be had with more dedication to load development. Never bothered to neck turn either which may result in more accuracy.
    The barrel doesn’t foul badly I haven’t taken it for 50 round shots without cooling it down in-between so past 20 rounds or so I cant tell you if it will foul badly. Barrel movement when hot does not show poi movement. It tracks great.

    I am building a 7mm Tomahawk and want to get a high-end stock for it this will offset the cost. I have already purchased a new barrel for it.
    This barrel shots great and is already contoured in heavy varmint and will produce groups worthy of long range hunting.
    Asking $280.00 paid $333 new.
    Use my contact info to send me email.
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