7mm, 195gr EOL Berger Hybrid Hunting bullet in the works

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    Jan 28, 2012

    Accurate shooting reports from shot show where they interviewed Bryan Litz from Berger bullets. Berger is coming out with a new line of hybrid hunting bullets. The above listed bullet was one of the offerings that will be made in the future. Just imagine the BC!!!

    Other offerings taken from article accompanying the video:

    Finally, Hybrid bullets optimized for hunting are under development. Calibers would include .270, 7mm (.284), and .308. Specific bullet designs in development are a 7mm, 195gr EOL Hybrid Hunting, and a .270 Cal, 170gr EOL Hybrid Hunting.

    Two more hunting hybrids: Gen 1 .338 Cal, 300gr Hybrid and a 250 gr hybrid

    ALSO: More big bullets are on the drawing board. Our source says “.375 Caliber and then .408 Caliber are the next new calibers to be made at Berger”. These are in the design phase, and Berger needs to build a new machine, so the .375s and .408s will not be available until 2013 at the earliest

    Link to whole article: Daily Bulletin

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    Interesteing to here about the 195's.
    Might need a 1:8 X