7mm-08 w/heavy bullets?

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  1. crosshairs

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    Dec 13, 2006
    I need some info from you guys. Anyone shooting 168's or 180's in a 1/9twist, 7mm-08? If you are, some starting load info and best powder would be helpful. Just trying to figure out whats working.
  2. youarenotcrazy

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    Apr 1, 2002
    I've been shooting the 168s for a while. I was using 44-45grs (depending summer/winter) IMR4350 in Remington brass with a CCI200 primer .005" off lands and was getting around ~2650fps (24" Savage) with sub-MOA performance. Depending on your brass, I would start out around 41 grs with this powder. In Lapua brass I maxed out around 43 grs.

    After some time, I decided to try Varget and got superb accuracy (<1/2 MOA) with 38.5 grs in any brass, primarily Lapua (mild load). This load is slower though... around 2500-2550fps based on drops...

    This was for the 168 grain Sierra Matchking, I have not used Bergers.

  3. Jason

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    Jul 20, 2001
    Hello, I shoot a 7mm/08 improved. I use 168 grain vld Berger bullets. I live in New Zealand and use the Australian ADI powder (2209) which I believe is sold as Hodgdon 4350 in the USA. I use 49 grains which gives me 2748fps. Worked up to 50 gr for 2814 fps but was a little warm. (necked down Lapua brass) In Hodgdon's load data they list 47.2 grains of 4350 as a compressed maximum load in standard 7mm/08 for a listed 2637 fps (24 barrel)
    One problem you will most likely encounter is your overall length too long to fit in your magazine unless you seat your bullets very deep. With the load I use I seat them out longer and am in the process of having my mag extended in length a few millimetres.
    You can get some impressive long range performance from the long low drag 7mm bullets. Good luck and keep us informed.
    By the way you should have no problems with twist rate.