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    Dec 17, 2011
    Hi all,
    First of all, thank you for letting me join in to this great family. This is my first post and i want to get into long range. i can hit targets at 450yrds and taken a deer at 470 Yrds this season and she dropped like a baby . As of now, this is the range i'm comfortable with but will start practicing for the 500 mark soon.

    I need some help as i just purchased a Remington 700 Sendero in 7mm Rem Mag and i want to know if anyone has one and what is their best experience with factory amno that this rifle likes. I know, each rifle is different but just a starting point. This is particularly a hunting rig for moose and elk. i hear the 162gr Hornady shots well but if anyone has any experience with this or other brands and if you dont mind helping me out, i will appreciate it.

    I dont reload yet but somewhere in the very near future i might. By the way, i am trying to stay away from the 180 gr due to recoil. Animals will be taken at a max range of 450 yards and not more.

    I am a newbie at this but a great shooter at 450 yrds (90%) so far. Have i mentioned what a beautiful gun the Sendero is. i hope it shoots well.
    Thank you everyone.