7 RSAUM BDM Anxiety

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    Nov 4, 2011
    Here goes Boy's!

    I currently have a custom 7SAUM and am putting together another build but am getting stuck on the BDM. Currently run a Alpine action with seekins "OLD" WSM BDM and mag which will feed my BERGER 180 Hybrid at 3.016 COAL. Everything on the market with a detach. Mag is only going to the high 2.9's?

    Fact: I absolutely love the 7SAUM and BERGER 180 HYBRIDS; Love the Short actions and short Magazines for WEIGHT " I get it, its minimal - but its kinda like getting the last 50 fps out of it,ease and carry. Will be using a BIGHORN tac. and need some BDM, was thinking Surgeon ( really like ), or going back to seekins but both are AI/Alpha mags in the high 2.9's. I am all hung up on the COAL of my last gun because the same SMITH is going to build it. Should I forget the COAL of my last rig, get the Surgeon and develop a new round? 168's? Hybrids Jumped?

    Rig is mainly for long range hunting 300 to 1000+ maybe, and some long range shooting on the farm. Most all shots are from a hide or pod.

    Please help! My gun SMITH is about to block my number and file stalking charges against me.

    My Best Regards, Chris.