7 mm hart cartrige

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  1. ann brezinski

    ann brezinski Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2008
    bobby hart has awilcat round that uses the 7 mm remington case as a base.it has the shoulder blow out to 40 degrees and gains some more powder space.
    my ? is is the shape of the shoulder increase the efficencey of the case to gain more veloicty?it picks up i beleive 3 or 4 more graines of powder also.
    the way i look at this is i can use 7 mm mag s iif i have to veses say the 7 mm on the 300 winchester case.he has told meit will gain about 100 fps with a 175 grain bullet and do 3450 with a 150 grain bullet.
    any thoughts on this?also does any of you own one of these /
    GARY B.
  2. WildRose

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    Feb 3, 2011
    The shoulder angle doesn't make it go faster but it does help reduce throat erosion.

    If it were me I'd stick to what works. The 7mm Rem, the 7mm Dakota, maybe the 7mm LRM, or the 7mm STW.

    If I could own only one rifle it would be a 7mm Rem mag or 300WM. Fortunately I don't have that problem HA!

    Visit our 7mm STW forum and read up on it. It's really a phenomenal round and it just pretty much at the peak of the practical case volume for the 7mm bullet. Any more and you quickly see diminishing returns and very short barrel life. Anything less and you really aren't getting all you can get from the .284 round.

    As tough as components can be at times though the value of sticking to the 7 Rem and 7STW along with the 7mmx300wm goes up a bit just from the practicality side of things.

    There's always the off chance of finding yourself on a hunt far from home separated from your ammo (a major consideration for me) so I stick to things I can get factory ammo for. In the modern era you can get an ammo delivery over night pretty easily IF it's a factory chambering like the STW or 7 Rem.

  3. Varberger757

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    Apr 1, 2013
    "Base diameter of the 7x61 S&H Super is identical to the 7mm Rem Mag however body dimensions are slightly smaller throughout. Shultz and Larson utilized 26” barrels which duplicate the velocities of a 24” barreled 7mm Remington Magnum."

    There is still brass available from Norma, but since the 7 RM delivers all the same and more, the 7x61 S&H seems to be obsolete. WildRose is right with the diagnosis he has made.