7.62 NATO (.308 Win.) PTR-91 Precision Target Rifle SOLD

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    JLD PTR-91 Precision Target Rifle
    (The best of the HK-91 clones)
    7.62x51 NATO (.308 Winchester)

    Look here for specs and pics: PTR-91 Page (unofficial) (This is the exact model I'm selling.)

    This rifle is manufactured in the United States and complies with all 922 regulations. JLD has gone to great lengths to produce the most up-to-date rifle on the market today!

    The PTR-91 series of weapons has been featured in numerous gun magazines, such as Gun Tests, Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement, American Rifleman, and Gun World, all of which praised it for having good accuracy and reliability, characteristic of the weapon it was designed after.

    Of all the variations, the PTR-91 is considered by many shooters to be "as good as", or even better than the original H&K rifle. Demand has been steadily driving up the price of the PTR-91 which now sells for about half the price of an original HK-91. In 2003, a PTR-91 could be had for a little more than a quarter of the expected price of an HK-91. -From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PTR_91F

    'Comes with standard stock, another shortened (by 1-inch) modified stock for the LimbSaver recoil pad (included), PLUS the optional German issue HK collapsible stock ($159), and (12) 20-rd. magazines.

    Retail prices for the PTR-91 are shown here PTR 91 Inc.

    I bought this 2 years ago when it was new in the box. Approximately 500 rds. Excellent condition.

    Asking $1100 for everything, plus FREE SHIPPING to your local FFL dealer.

    I can email you pics. Send me an email. cgegere@tctwest.net

    OR look here for specs and pics: PTR-91 Page (unofficial)

    Collapsible stock photo (click on link below):
    MGR-283 - H&K G3, A3 Style Collapsible Stock Used Original German Military Good Condition



    For further reviews of the PTR-91 please check the following:

    PTR 91 Inc.

    -September 2005 issue of Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement. PTR-91, PTR-91A1 and PTR-91KP.

    -April 2005 issue of American Rifleman. Nice review of the PTR-91KP with it's 16" barrel and collapsible stock.

    -January 2005 issue of Gun Tests Magazine: http://www.gun-tests.com/issues/17_1...es/5213-1.html .

    -An actual target from a satisfied PTR-91 owner to show accuracy.

    History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_G3
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