7/300 wsm

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  1. DCGS

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    Dec 5, 2007
    This one was for a customer that I had built a 7/300 that was a heavier gun. He was headed to New Mexico for an Elk hunt so decided to build one on a lighter scale. The specs are:

    Stiller Tac 300 Left handed
    Brux #4 unfluted barrel finished at 26 in.
    H&S Stock
    Timney Trigger set at 2lb's
    Zeiss Conquest Scope 4.5x14x50
    TPS rings
    Stiller 20moa rail
    Kwik Clip det mag

    The small group is one that I shot when the customer came to pick it up. The other one is his first time firing it. Nerves got to him after seeing my group. The load was Norma 270 brass expanded to 7mm, Fed 210 match primer, H1000, 67.2 gr. and 180 Berger's set .002 off.

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  2. Outlaw6.0

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    Feb 18, 2010
    Good looking stick, it sure shoots!!

    That is probably the slickest shooting bench i've ever seen...:cool:


  3. jett

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    Feb 14, 2006
    Another great gun Dan! Very nice shooting also.
  4. Boom

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    May 20, 2010
    Yeah, Dan's shooting is enough to make anyone nervous!! Wish we had a picture of his shots from our visit to Jett's farm!

    For everyone else on the forum, you should know that Dan managaed to pull this build off in record time without sacrificing any quality. Dan has allowed me to visit in his shop, trained me on his reloading bench, given numerous late night reloading consults on the phone when I am messing something up on my bench, opened his range to me, arranged a great session on a friends long range location (thanks again Jett!) and done just about anything he could do to help out with the entire package. Dan returns calls, is thorough, on budget, honest and has been a true friend to work with. I hesitate to post too much about him as I am afraid he will get so busy we may not be able to work on the NEXT project!!:D Just kidding, but a huge thanks to Dan and I would encourage all to contact him if you are interested in a new rig.
  5. Capt Academy

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    Dec 31, 2006
    Very nice rifle!