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  1. Jayhawk

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    Mar 15, 2009
    Anybody shooting the 6mm-06 or Ackley Improved? If so what loads and speeds are you getting. I have a good supply of .270 brass and have been wondering about the 6mm. This probably would be hard on barrels but this would be the fastest 6mm out there right? Also heard that you want a 28" or 30" barrel to get the best velocity from this cartridge.
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  2. RJ338

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    Dec 30, 2007
    I have one with a Kreiger 26" #3 contour 1-10 twist, and I use WW 25-06 brass. 85gr TSX do 3650 and 100gr Part at 3400. 95gr VLD Moly at 3500 with
    stabilization. I built another for a friend w/ Rock 4 1/2 contour 1-8 twist that shoots Berger 88HP at 3600 into 5/8 at 300yd. What's not to like about a laser with no recoil.