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    Nov 30, 2010
    Went out with my friend Don again. Don loves calling coyotes and this is the 10th time we've been out in the last 3 weeks.
    We went to the ranch where I had the sneaky coyote. I had a plan in mind to try to get another one.I set up on the same hillside as before and I sent Don way over to the ridge where he could see the creek bottom and shoot anything on either side of the creek.When the calling started we were over 150 yds apart but that creek bottom is as far as those Wiley coyotes would come the very last time we were there .
    This set we had some howlers but none came into shooting range for Don,They were right around the ridge and up the draw a few hundred yards and wouldn't come in. We primarily used howls here.
    2nd set we called over a wide flat that backed up to the same bottom. I started with a bird sound off the Fox Pro. Within 5 mins this Coyote showed and I coulsn't figure out why Don hadn't shot yet. He was about 50 yds away to my left and this coyote came from Dons left. I couldn't get a shot cause I'd have to move to far to my left and that coyote was broadside looking up the hill at the decoy,It would have seen me for sure.
    In the end this coyote came and left by the creek bottom no shots fired.
    So I walk over to Don and found that he sat down at the wrong tree and he sat at one that had a bigger Oak right in front of him OOOOOPPPPPPPSSSSS!!!!!!!!
    He never saw that coyote and you can bet I gave him a hard time the rest of the day.
    So while we are sitting there and I'm giving Don a hard time we hear a coyote down at the far end of the creek bottom and its howling and getting closer. So I send Don to the top of the hill behind a small Scrub Oak where he can see over down the bottom. I set the Fox Pro to Challenge Howl and let it rip.
    The howling contest went on for about 10 mins then it got quiet. I waited for a lil bit longer and no shots and no more howling.
    So I pack up my gear and head to Don. He tells me that coyote got just to the top of the next hill where he could see its ears then it shut up and was gone.
    he didn't know why,It was then I realized the wind had changed and the breeze was blowing right to it.BUSTED
    We then went to the new ranch we had just got permission on up the road.
    Set 3 found us over 2 dead cows did some calling and waiting nothing but buzzards and crows.
    Set4 had us on top the ridge behind the pasture, Blanked there.
    Set 5 we snuck up a draw that came out into a nice open field with 3 or 4 other draws coming onto it.
    I just played Jack Dis. and 3 mins later an old female came down a cow trail to my left,It stop about 100 yds and stares at the Mojo decoy. All I can see it part of its head and the bush it stopped behind and from the back portion of its rib cage to its tail. I had to move all the way to my left so in one swift motion I grab rifle and sticks with my left hand and make to move as fast as I can. Coyote didn't see the move she was to focused on Mojo.
    I lined scope up as close to the bush as I could on the ribs and fired. DRT
    She flopped around a bit and got into the brush. We waited about 10 mins before we ended this set and I let Sam the Coyote Dawg loose. He took off in the direction my rifle was pointed but then veered to the right,When he didn't find the coyote he put his nose to the ground. I had to coach him up a lil got him going in the right direction it only took a couple mins and Sam had that coyote in his mouth thrashing it around.
    He let it go on command and sat on command like he should and we got pictures.
    This is significant because the 1st few coyotes he wouldn't listen and release em on command and now he does. I love watching him work.
    This was an old female her teeth were worn and she had battle scars. her face had scars as did her chest and legs. She was an old bruiser really ruff looking fur was thin and man did she stink. That was the most offensive smell I have had to get a wiff of.
    6th set we blanked again.
    Sam loves his work and even though I know where the coyotes go down at I still let him find them and I try to coax hem in the right direction as I slowly walk to the coyote I want to encourage him to find them. He's getting better on in the field obedience as well. Improvement on every trip I'm happy so far.
    Sam likes to stand over the coyotes now after we get em,I think he's posing for a picture and he is probably thinking he's the boss of em.