6.5mm Scirocco II

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    Mar 13, 2003
    I've been playing with these in my 6.5 wssm and found a tolerable load that I used with acceptable success this deer season.
    The first deer taken was an 8 pt buck that weighed in the 200 lb range. Range was 152 yds and it was a classic broadside shot, over the top of the heart but through both lungs. The bullet never hit a rib on either side and as expected went clean through, entrance was caliber sized and exit was just under quarter sized. The deer went about 40 yds and dropped over dead.

    The second deer was shot by a friends youngest son (his first)who wanted to sit with me in the afternoon. Since we would be sitting together I let him shoot the wssm instead of his shotgun. Just before the close of season 2 does came strolling out into a picked cornfield . I got him set up with the bipod down in a solid position, ranged them at 171 yds, and told him to take the bigger of the two. He took the shot and dropped her right where she stood. The shot was high right through the spine slightly behind the front shoulder, this bullet also exited but left about a tennis ball sized whole on the off side.

    Couple of pictures that don't really show much except the size of the deer and my 2 boys, couldn't talk my wife into letting me stick the digital camera inside the chest cavity, go figure.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]