6.5mm cutting edge bullets

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  1. bullfrog

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    Jul 27, 2010
    Has anyone on here had any experience with the 6.5mm cutting edge bullets. I'm thinking of trying the 130gr. LD HPBT MAX in my .264 win mag. Does there seem to be an ideal jump to the lands to start with? How is the terminal performance (shoulder shots OK or behind the shoulder only)? What is the minimum retained velocity for good expansion? I am intrigued by these bullets and just want a little more real world reports before pulling the trigger.
  2. Outlaw6.0

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    Feb 18, 2010
    I have 100 of the 130's awaiting completion of my 6.5WSM. Reamer was setup for this bullet... it better work! :D I am also super intrigued by the reports of their success (LTLR). Sorry I can't offer any info, but I will before too long! My stock ships this wk (after 16 wks waiting) which is the last part of my build....

  3. ovastafford

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    Oct 23, 2009
    I am interested in these also for my 6.5x284. I had it throated for the 140gr berger vld but I wonder how the cutting edge bullets would work?
  4. Long Time Long Ranger

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    Mar 12, 2002
    I am going to try those in my 264 winny and STW. I am getting over 3700 fps in my STW with the 129 sst's so these should really do well with the high bc. I have some 257 and 270 bullets loaded for test groups. I had good success with the 30 caliber and 338 caliber offerings so thought I would try the smaller calibers. I will report as I shoot those.

    They are not critical to seating depth from the ones I have tried. I load them per the website directions first then go from there. Shoulder shots are fine. I saw a 180 grain 30 caliber shoot completely through both shoulders of a big 6x6 bull and blow out the other side. It left complete destruction inside. Terminal performance has been good with the ones I have tried but I have not recovered a bullet. All complete pass throughs no matter the shot angle or where the animal was hit. Longest shot was 1130 yards with several 800-900 yarders and the exit hole was larger than the entrance hole so I assume they did expand at that range and velocity. One thing I can say is don't expect the animal to flop over on the spot with a lung shot like a thin jacketed bullet can produce. They will run for a few yards and fall over when they bleed out. If you have shot the barnes ttsx expect similar animal reactions.