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    Mar 13, 2003
    I have been reading all the old posts I can find on the 6.5 WSM and am getting the impression that it might be to much of barrel burning hotrod for my tastes. However, I'd like some opinions and some questions answered on the 6.5 saum if anyone has any info.

    1) Given that the saum generally take 2-5 grains less powder(depending on type) than the WSM would the saum be any easier on barrels or is it the other side of the same hotrod coin?

    2)Would a Lija 3 groove last longer or would I be better off with a cut rifled 5 groove like Rock or Broughton?

    3)I'm looking to have a barrel chambered for a Savage reciever. Does anyone know about reamer availability for such a project? Any hidden problems associated with this chambering? Can FL dies be made at the same time?

    4) Since the smallest saum brass available is for the 7mm how would I go about sizing them down to 6.5, would this be a one step operation going down .020 or would I have to do it in steps?

    Well thats the top of the list, I know there are a lot of questions there but feel free to answer any or all you can. I'm pretty much couting on you guys to talk me into or out of this project.

    Thanks in advance