6.5 Rem Mag die and cases, 25-06 cases, and 22-250 cases...

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  1. Hammack

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    Jan 16, 2009
    I have been going thru my old stock, and cleaning out some things that I no longer have rifles for.

    6.5 Remington Magnum cases (30 sized and tumbled) (20 sized, tumbled, and primed with CCI 250 primers) $30 plus shipping

    6.5 Remington magnum RCBS Die $45 plus shipping

    25-06 brass 18pcs (tumbled and sized)$5 plus shipping

    22-250 brass 60pcs (40pcs sized from 250 savage cases and 20pcs with 22-250 headstamp) $25 plus shipping

    I will also consider trades for brass or dies in 270 WSM or bullets in .223 .243, .264 or .277 130gr calibers.

    My email is HammackWelding@yahoo.com or send me a PM if interested