6.5-.284 Remington 700 SA built by Defensive Edge

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    Feb 21, 2008
    I am selling a 6.5-.284 on a Remington SA 700, built by Defensive Edge. The gun is equipped as follows.

    - 26" SS Fluted Hart Barrel, Sendero Tapered
    - H.S. Precision stock
    - adjustable Kydex cheek rest
    - Defensive Edge 30mm, 20 moa tapered bases
    - integrated cosine indicator and bubble level into scope rings
    - trigger work done, 2 lbs
    - Hi Viz recoil pad
    - L.O.P. 14-3/4"
    - Leupold 3.5-10x M4 with mill dots
    - Leupold metal pop up scope covers
    - shot less than 60 rounds
    - sub MOA ( have shot groups less than 1/2 MOA )

    I am selling this gun because I have not hunted with or shot it in the last 3 years ( I hunt with my .300 that I had built at the same time) in fact the gun has not been out of my safe for 3 years. The gun is true to all Defensive Edge products in accuracy, I have shot groups less than 1/4 MOA, and have recorded 1st round hits at 1326 yds with this rifle on 10" plates. Gun is in excellent condition and shows little wear. Price for the package $2800, price for gun less scope $1950. If you have questions on this gun shoot me an email gardomb@gmail.com.

    Thank you

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