6.5-284 or 260?

Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by Mweaver270, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Mweaver270

    Mweaver270 Member

    May 27, 2012
    I'm stuck between the 6.5-284 and the 260. I shoot alot so I was leaning toward the 260 for barrel life and reloading cost being a little lower. I was also liking the 6.5-284's slightly higher velocities. Opinions would be nice. Any load recipes for either would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Greyfox

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    Jan 21, 2008
    I went through the same decision process several years ago. I am a big fan of the 6.5 bullet. For my high volume shooting, eggs shoots/informal club competition, and some mid range hunting I use a 260. I have been able to get accuracy that is on par with my 6.5x284's with he benefit of longer barrel life, 2-3x. Reloading costs differences are not that much, brass is a little less and your powder savings is about 10 gr/ round. I use 142SMK's and 140 VLD's in the 260. Velocities run 2800 FPS. For my serious long range hunting, or competition out to 1000 yards, more for varmints, I use my 6.5x284's. I use 140 Berger, and JLK 's that run velocities about 200 FPS faster than the 260. It handles wind well, and hammers deer sized game out to 1000 yards. Some will push a 260 to 6.5x284 velocities but I have not been successful doing this getting poor accuracy and case life. The most important factor with the 260 is to make sure you get a 1:8 twist barrel and a chamber that will enable optimum seating for the VLD style bullets, minimum 2.9" to the lands with a Berger 140 VLD. This will also enable use of a 142 SMK, 140 AMax, or the lighter weights. Overall, a 260 will do at about 700 yards what a 6.5x284 will do at 1000 or a little more from a ballistic standpoint. My loads for my 26" barrel 260 is Lapua brass, 45 gr. h4831sc, 210m primer, 142 SMK, .025" out of the lands, 2800FPS. Load data: My 26" barrel 6.5x284 is Lapua brass, 58 gr Retumbo, 215 primer, 140 Berger Hunting VLD, .072" out of the lands, 2970 FPS. Both loads will consistantly produce .25-.5 MOA 5 shot groups.

  3. jpd676

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    Oct 28, 2010
    I had this same dilema and went with the 260. I am shooting a 140 Amax at 2800 fps with 45.5gr of Re-22. This load has proven accurate past 1000 yards on paper (savage predator with 24" barrel). My friend bought the same rifle in 6.5-284 and it shoots just as well. I haven't shot any animals with it yet but my 260 is now my favorite caliber.
  4. trebark

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    Jan 16, 2008
    Like everyone on this thread, I had this issue some time ago. I went with the 260 for barrel life as my intended use was to hunt and competition (high volume). If the intended use for the rifle is low volume, then I would go with the 6.5x284.

    Often, I base my cartridge choices on whether or not I can get Lapua brass. In this case, you can get Lapua brass for both 260 and 6.5x284.

    Gray Fox is right, be sure to go with 1:8 twist so that you can shoot the 140grain bullets.

    My 260 shoots the 140grain bullets at 2900+fps and 130grain pills at 3060fps. My pet load is 130JLK with 45grains of H4350 lit by CCI BR2. The JLKs are NOT good hunting bullets. I use 140VLDs to hunt.

  5. pressman

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    Mar 14, 2008
    i had a custom 260 built 2 years ago and it shoots lights out. I have shot 7" groups at 1,000 yards. i use the 140 gr VLD bullets. While hunting in Wyoming this year ( last week) i was hunting on my friends ranch near Sheridan. I have been going their for over 20 years so now i just hunt predators, but i had a friend go this year that does not do any long range shooting. We found a nice 4 x 3 buck bedded high between to large hills. My buddy was so excited until he realized that he could not get close to this buck due to all of the other deer that was bedded around him plus where he was located. He looked at me and said your 260 will reach him won't it. I said well yes, but i am not shooting him. My friend has never shot my rifle before at all. i thought about for a minute and said ok i will set it up i quickly pulled out by 4500 wind meter, took some readings 5-6 mph wind pretty constant. I ranged the deer at 640 yards then pulled out my phone that has shooter on it. installed the data. it said 12.8 MOA and .8 MOA for the dope. Dialed up the NightForce made a solid rest off bi pods in the prone position. I told him to put it right behind the shoulder i jumped on the Leopold M4 spotting scope and told him to touch it off when ready. as the sound echoed i watched the buck start to roll down the hill. The look on my buddies face was priceless. He could not believe it. later he offered me 4,000.00 for that rifle i had to laugh and said nope i will help you build one.