6.5-.284 Hoover "Corian" Heavy Gun Package

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    Mar 9, 2004

    Complete rifle weighs 45 lbs. Rifle set up has fired 4" and 5" groups at registered 1,000 yard matches at the Original 1,000 yard benchrest club in Williamsport, PA. Rifle has also fired 1 1/2" groups at 500 yard registered groundhog matches at Mifflin County Sportsmens Club in Lewistown, PA. Barrel has just under 500 rounds through it with minimal throat wear. Rifle will still shoot very competitively. I built this rifle back in 2004 mostly for 1,000 yard benchrest competition. Rifle has not been fired since 2006. Only selling as I'm getting out of 1,000 yard competition, I enjoy hunting more. There is approximately $4,000 worth of equipment here. I'm selling for $2,500.


    Remington 700 S/A
    1.) Single point blueprinted true to centerline of action
    2.) Aluminum single shot follower
    3.) Slabbed
    4.) Hart spring loaded bolt stop
    5.) Straight fluted bolt

    Hart Trigger

    Shilen S/S Barrel
    1.) 1.450 diameter straight
    2.) 1-9 twist
    3.) 30" finish length
    4.) 11 degree target crown
    5.) chambered 6.5-.284 Hoover
    6.) .297" neck
    7.) throated for 142g Sierra Match Kings or 140g Hornady A-max

    MCR "Corian" Heavy Gun Stock
    1.) 6" wide forearm
    2.) "Corian" rails
    3.) 9" one piece aluminum barrel block
    4.) Block is pillar bedded
    5.) Custom raised scope rail with 1" Kelbly rings

    Leupold 36X BR scope

    Bald Eagle pedestal

    Hart Top

    6" Protector Bag

    Hart heavy base plate

    Redding Competition 3 die set

    Approx 400 142g. Sierra Match Kings

    Over 100 pcs. of Lapua Brass
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    bump for a sweet rig!