6.5-284 bullet depth

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Randy338, May 14, 2007.

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    Dec 16, 2006
    Ok guys help me out...I have a singleshot barrel in 6.5-284...I seated the bullet in the case just until the action would close..Placing the bullet just on the lands..Checked the OAL with calipers and it is 3.024. Should it not be out another .200??? It is a 142 ULD Wildcat bullet..I think the throat is to short for the 142 grainer..Help needed here..Do I need to send it to someone to lengthen the throat.If so how much?? It is Lapua brass and a 1-8 twist Shilen barrel
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    Jan 23, 2007
    First, get a Stony Point (now Hornady)comparater for that caliber to determine OAL. Prepare a dummy round, no primer or powder. Seat bullet close to desired OAL. Polish bullet with 0000 steel wool, insert in chamber and with jewelers eye piece, observe land marks, if any, on the bullet. This is known as "jam" point, and is where I begin seating. Depth can be adjusted up or down from there.

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    May 11, 2007
    Marriedman the short OAL shouldn't hurt your accuracy but you could be loosing a lot of your case capicity due to the deep seated bullets. If you have decided that these are the bullets that you are going to shoot, I would make up a dummy round with the bullet base seated about even with neck-shoulder juncture for max case capacity. Have your smith ream the thoat to match your dummy round. Remember though that if you decide to go with a different style or a lighter bullet you may not be able to seat the bullets all the way out to the lands. Another thing is you may want to leave the throat a little short so you can chase the lands. My 6.5-284 OAL has grown .060" in about 800 rounds.
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    Just my expeience. A 6.5-06 and with a throat that was too short for the sierra 142. The beginning of the boat tail (closet to the body of bullet) stuck down in past the shoulder. Gun just would not repeat well. Also had a 25-06 doing the same thing. Throats were opened up and now they shoot much better. I believe when bullet is that far in case it produce erratic pressure on the bullet creating vertical in shots. I would say try it and see how it shoots. If you get vertical shot displacement I would look at opening up the throat for the bullet you want to shoot. This has been my expierence.