510 pcs. Of 7mm mag brass assorted

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    May 9, 2009
    I have 510 pcs of 7mm mag brass for sale. I bought a tub of assorted calibers from a gunsmith friend and it had a multitude of 7 mm mag and i don't shoot any mag calibers. Heres what i've got. I'm selling these as 1 package i will not break them up. 50.00 plus 14.00 for flat rate shipping
    100 brass frontier
    53 brass frontier sized and trimmed
    15 win nickel sized and trimmed
    30 win brass sized and trimmed
    46 win nickel sized and trimmed
    145 federal brass
    28 federal sized and trimmed
    74 remington brass
    9 remington nickel
    10 hornady nickel
    all are sold
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