5.56/.223, 9 twist, bolt action, 24 in. barrel---bullet???

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  1. treehugginghunter

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    Mar 23, 2012
    I just ordered a new coyote rifle with the specs mentioned in the title and to be honest I have no experience with .223. I know every rifle shoots just a little different, but I'd like everyone's experiences and thoughts on where to start. Here are my requirements:

    1) MOST IMPORTANT--fur saving, even with small fox.

    2) Strong enough to take a coyote down hard and johnny-on-the-spot.

    3) Pin-point accuracy.

    4) Long range capabilities.

    I know there are more capable calibers (like the .204) for what I want, but please keep your responses strict to what's mentioned in the title.

  2. Johnboy

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    Sep 25, 2009
    the 70gn or 75gn berger vld would do you just fine.shoot two yots some time back and no exit holes just a small hole on the side shot at.I am able to push the 75gn bullet pretty fast with 4064 not sure to the numbers at the time but I can get them for ya.

    my rifel ia a 1:9 all so.so the 75gn bullet should work just fine for ya.any other bullet will blow up on a fox.it sounds like you are trying to save the fur.you too should enjoy it for long range shooting.