450 yard doe kill in High Def video

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    Jan 13, 2011
    This is a video of Blake Ward and his 5 year-old son Conner on a whitetail deer hunt at South Delta Hunting Club in Onward, MS on 11-22-10. This shot was taken on the largest doe in the far right corner of the frame. The deer was taken with a neck shot at 450 yards with a Dixie Precision 7mm WSM and custom handload with 180gr Berger VLDs.

    The video camera used is a Cannon Vixia HF200 High Definition and is on maximum 15x zoom at dusk. You can see the environment becoming darker every minute that passes and there are 3 deer in the food plot when the shot is taken. There are 2 does standing side by side in the far right corner and one standing by herself towards the left. The largest doe is picked out in the far right corner and dropped where she was standing. The front side of this food plot is 435 yards and the back treeline is 465 yards. The food plot closest to you is 200 yards away.

    For better clarity, Go 'Fullscreen' then click and choose 720p resolution in the bottom right corner for High Def Video
    YouTube - Dixie Precision 450 yard Deer Hunt