450-500 rds of loaded 223 ammo

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    I have 150 rounds of nosler 80 gr cusotom comp ( for Long range knockdowns)
    100 rounds of SIerra 69 gr BTHP
    100 rds of Hornady 55 gr Hornady v-maxs
    and 100 rds of James Calhoon DOuble Hollow Point silver slick bullets ( in my opinion these are the most accuate and deadly predator bullet out) check out his website.
    ALL above bullets are in the Loadbook for 223 and are professially loaded within specs so no danger in any bolt ot ar gun all bullets will preform in a ar as that is what i have more of each of these in and have shot all above listed in a DPMS and RRA with 2- and 30 rd mags as well as a mini 14 so they are all mag length max or shorter depending on the bullet so no worry about them not working in your ar TRUST me I used the 80s with a 9 and 10 twist and got groups under a 1in so dont think you have to have a 1 in 7 to shoot these. I also have a box of 80 gr amaxs also in the loadbook under aR-15 loads with the other listed above that shot great too.

    I also have other 60gr v-maxs and some Hornady and win 50-52,55 gr bullets PROFESSIONALLY LOADED or facotry loaded not by me that has the grain weight and all proper specs on each package. The ones above are all that is listed at this time but if you wanna add more of what i might have in facotry loaded ammo i can check and let you know and maybe you can add that too. so far above is

    450 rounds of loaded 223 ammo in original boxes I'd like$400 or ill consider trades on hanguns to my ffl wwhere i can add boot or i would conisder all kind of trade i am just sitting on WAY TOO MANY 223 rds for my 3 223s basically. PM me thanks