40X Re-Build

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    As you can see by my post number I really do not get much time to post. But what happened at the range was impressive that I feel that I should share my experiance. I purchased my 40X new in 1989 it came complete with a test target that measured .74. Not very good in my opinion. Over the years I tried many differnt loads and eventually got this down to between a half inch and three quarters inch. As this is my only long range gun accuracy started to fail and I new it was time for a change in the pipe.

    Here is what I did ordered a new pipe from a top company after reading this forum installed a big lug, Sako extractor and rebedded to fit the new barrell. Had time to go to the range yesterday and start break in process, after loading up some mild loads. I shot 3 times and made scope adjustments to get colse.

    In either case I shot 5 shots cleaning after every round and shot a group tha measured outside diameter on my calipers 5.07. I am shooting a 7MM Remington Mag which is .284. I believe if I am correct that this is less than a quarter inch group. I have pictures on my phone but do not know how to get it on here from my PC.

    40X re-build.
    Broughton 1 In 9 Twist
    Off Brand Lug 1/4 inch thick I think it waqs a PPG Lug.
    Bolt and action blue printed. Did not need much.
    Sako Extracter installed.
    Defensive Edge Muzzle Break 3 port.

    Break in Load
    Nossler Brass
    168 Sierra Match
    H1000 70.0 Grs
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    That would be 0.507" :)