408 Cheytac repeater suppressed

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    Jan 20, 2011
    I have a custom built 408 Cheytac rifle. It has a Kieger 1-13 twist fluted stainless steel barrel 30in. The barrel is approx. .983 at the muzzle. It is built on a Lawton 8000 repeater ss action and has a Lawton 40 moa base on it. It has a black and grey McMillian A5 stock and one detachable magazine. It has a titanium STW suppressor. Jewell trigger. And it has a Nightforce NPR1 5.5-22X56 scope on it. I also have the dies, shell holder, approx. 150-180 Rocky Mountain 420gr. hollowpoint hunting bullets, 90-100 pieces of brass and a 5lb. can of RL25 powder. The gun was just finished and has only been test fired. I have paid to have it ceramic coated, but haven't sent it off yet. I would like to get $10500 for the total package. I would consider taking the scope off for $1700. No trades I need to sell. I can email pictures if you are interested.