.40 S&W brass plus other cals. FS

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    Apr 12, 2009
    Have a bunch of once fired,cleaned and polished .40 S&W
    brass for sale.
    Please, IF YOU need some I'll ship ASAP, IF you tell me you want some and change your mind, PLEASE be PERSON ENOUGH TO LET ME KNOW AND NOT WASTE MY TIME PACKING YOUR BRASS UP !
    1559 Winchester .40 S&W 1 FIRED $65.00 shipped
    2boxes,2000 each,.40 S&W Remington 1 fired,$75.00each shipped
    500,.38special,1 fired,$35.00 shipped
    1500,.38 special,fired 2 or more times,$55.00 shipped
    600plus,Winchester.223Mil,1 fired,crimp removed,$55.00 shipped
    .30-06,400plus Mil and com. cases,90%1 fired,$50.00 Shipped
    Let me know if you need any of these, Will need a USPO or Wall Mart money order (NO PERSONAL CHECKS) Thanks for taking the time to look........buckey