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    Dec 29, 2010
    Forum member KRL1116 has a custom Browning 338 WSM for sale on this forum.

    I presume the 325 WSM case was used for this round? What changes were made from the original case if any? What would the case volume be and expected velocity compared to the 338 Win Mag using the 225 gr Nosler Accubond ?
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    May 10, 2011
    Technically speaking, the "338 WSM" was the original plan from winchester before the 325 was introduced, and it was actually designed on the same case as the 7mm WSM, which is slightly longer at the shoulder than the 300 and the 325 WSM case.

    The "338-300 WSM" is what I believe you are talking about, and is based on the 300 WSM case, which is also exactly the same in every dimension as the 325 WSM case (except neck diameter, of course). You may have already known this, but just pointing this out as something you want to verify before purchasing the new gun.

    Assuming the Browning for sale is a 338-300 WSM, then you can use either 300wsm brass or 325wsm brass. I have used both, but prefer 325 as you are expanding/working the necks less.

    With the 225 Accubond over 66.5 grains RL-17 I was getting ~2820 fps in MAX loads out of my 24" pac-nor barrel. RL-17 really gets impressive velocity, but I never had great accuracy. I have had very impressive results with H4350 with various bullets.... my accurate 225 Accubond load is in the mid 2700 fps ballpark. When I wear out this barrel I will likely replace it with a 26" tube.
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