338 WIN MAG 12" HIGH???

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    May 21, 2006
    338 WIN MAG 12\" HIGH???

    I was shooting about 4 weeks ago and I was guessing the range about 300 yards downhill. I was hitting pretty good at 6 power on my Vari-x 2. Sunday went to shoot 100 yards and could not hit a 18" tree end. Shot at 30 yards and was about 3" high. Went back to 100 yards and shot at the bottom of the tree end and I hit at the top of the tree. So I was about 12" high at 100yards. I have a 26" barrel and a 210gr XLC barnes and 2980fps. My question is what was I sighted in for? I was good at longer ranges but way off at 100 yards. I can't find the correct tables in my reloading books.

    Joe Oakes
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    Re: 338 WIN MAG 12\" HIGH???

    Using a liberal BC 0f .5 and scope height of 1.5" a zero of about 590 will get you 12" @100